Theatre Du Jour Is ‘Calling All Actors’ for Interactive, Touring Production of Noir Suspicions

Director Sherri Metz will present “Noir Suspicions” by David Landau this April and once again she’s looking for a murderous dose of local talent.

Four men and three women are required for the show The New York Times calls “Embroiling.”

In this hard-boiled comic mystery sequel to the ever-popular Murder at Cafe Noir, ex-private eye Rick Archer is now the confused manager of Cafe Noir on the island of Mustique.

He is confronted with a corpse on the dock, a mysterious femme fatale, a French blackmailer and a businessman who wants both the cafe and the woman.

Rick is arrested after the blackmailer is murdered in his club. It is up to the audience to convince the magistrate of his innocence.

A tribute to Casablanca, with many references to the classic movie, Noir Suspicions is guaranteed to delight audiences whether or not they are familiar with Murder at Cafe Noir.

Character Descriptions:

Richard Archer – ex-private detective, now half owner of the Cafe Noir. His partner and girlfriend is…

Sheila Wonderly – ex-call girl, now the other half owner of the Cafe Noir.

Anthony Cairo – a dealer in the black market, and hiding out from some smugglers he double-crossed.

Deputy Inspector Rigfield – of the St. Vincent Police. He hates the Cafe Noir and has longed to close it down and get himself a promotion to full inspector.

Ingrid Laszlo – a desperate woman being blackmailed.

Sidney FerrariI – the British owner of the Blue Parrot Resort and Condos on Tobago Cay and one of the Carribean’s wealthiest developers.

Claudette Ponte – a French blackmailer, known as Nurse Nightshade because of her expertise with poisons.

Judge Kock – a magistrate from St. Vincent and regular at the Cafe Noir.

Renault – a taxi driver and member of the radical French Liberte party.

Auditions will happen on February 11 (2-4 p.m.) and 12 (7-9 p.m.) at the Art Loft at 171 W. First St. in Oswego. Please be prepared to read from the script.

Noir Suspicions will run in late April as part of the Quality Inn & Suites Theatre Series, the Eis House Theatre Series and The Barnes Hiscock Theatre Series! Log on to for more info and tickets.

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