Theatre Du Jour opens their 2018 season with a bit of Noir and a hearty recipe of all-star local talent

Presented in dinner theatre format, Theatre Du Jour thought it only fitting to present Noir Suspicions – the sequel to the murder mystery they featured in their inaugural season in 2015 – Murder at Cafe Noir by David Landau. Mr. Landau is perhaps best known as the inventor of the popular interactive mystery play, having written and produced over 1000 productions internationally for public and private corporations.

In this hard boiled comic mystery sequel to the ever-popular Murder at Cafe Noir, ex-private eye Rick Archer is now the confused manager of Cafe Noir on the isle of Mustique He is confronted with a corpse on the dock, a mysterious femme fatale, a French blackmailer and a businessman who wants both the cafe and the woman. Rick is arrested after the blackmailer is murdered in his club. It is up to the audience to convince the magistrate that he is innocent. A tribute to Casablanca with many references to the classic movie, Noir Suspicions is guaranteed to delight audiences whether or not they are familiar with Murder at Cafe Noir.

Along for the journey to the island of Mustique are local favorites Julia Preston-Fulton, Matthew Gordon, Stephanie Johnson and Beverly Brinster-Murtha. New to the TDJ family of artists are Kevin Colvin, Stanley Dorelien and Matthew Wood.

Director Sherri Metz, who starred in the 2015 production of Cafe Noir with her husband Nelson is feeling nostalgic as she prepares to wear a different hat this time around. “I love the new talent that will be mingling with our veteran actors. Fresh faces, fresh perspectives. Our audiences will love it too!”

Come see the show the New York Times called “Embroiling.” Noir Suspicions opens on Thursday, April 12th at GS Steamers in Oswego and continues with stops at The Eis House in Mexico (Thursday, April 19th) and The Barnes Hiscock Mansion in Syracuse (Tuesday, April 24th).
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