Thrift Store Gypsies

Todd & Babs attended Cicero High School together and knew all along they had a similar taste in music. Along with their friend, Christine, they auditioned for the variety show in their junior year, but were told they needed a gimmick to make their performance more interesting. Alas, they did not make the cut. After graduation in 1981, they lost touch and went their separate ways.
Fast forward to 2009 when they reconnected as friends and began making music together once again. At first it was just for fun, but that eventually led to playing for friends at a couple of backyard gatherings.
After a while, they decided to try their hand at local open mic nights, through which the duo began to build their confidence. The experience of performing was truly enjoyable and the public response was positive, so the next step was obvious. Why not try to book a gig and see what happens?
That being said, we’d love to play for you! We’re open to all sorts of venues, indoors and out! Whether it’s a bar, a coffee shop, a campground, a private party, or even a garage sale, we’re willin’! Heck, we even just played at a horse’s birthday party!
Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] or through private messaging on Facebook and while you’re at it, check us out on ReverbNation!
Peace & Love,
the Thrift Store Gypsies

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