Thunder, Lightning and Chief Bigway

Chief Bigway played like a storm and then brought the storm. At the eye of the storm Joey Belladonna on drums and lead vocals, bass player Dave Mickelson and on Guitar Greg Carroll.
The show began with a song from The great Rolling Stones, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. I can never hear enough Rolling Stones. They started there and just gained energy. I saw three musicians on stage but it sounded like 6. Dave Mickelson sounded like the Bass and Rhythm guitarist all in one, and a strong presence that filled out the songs. Drummer, singer front man, Joey Belladonna was the lead singer of Anthrax in the 80’s to early 90’s. During that time the band was nominated for three Grammy awards. Joey was also voted the #1 metal singer two years in a row by Metal Forces Magazine. Joey has a great voice and range, signing songs from Journey, White Snake, Rush and sounded great when they played “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.
This brings us to the man on the six string. Greg Carroll, here is what brought on the storm. Like a summer heat and moisture brings the thunder and lightning, Gregg brought his own thunder and lightning. In one song I heard Greg go from Jimmy Page to Eddie Van Hallen and back again without a loss in beat. The energy he puts forth on stage with his style and guitar work is well worth seeing. Really don’t miss him. I know there are two others that play with Chief Bigway, Joe Precourt-Lead Guitar and John Goodwin-Keyboards. They weren’t there but Gregg filled the spots. As Chief Bigway played they built up energy. The kind that mother nature took notice of. She decided to join in when they played Dio’s “Holy Diver”. Mother nature brought thunder, lightning and rain. Chief Bigway was determined to finish the song they started, and they did. They finally had to give the stage to mother nature, with instruments soaked the musicians reluctantly ended the night.

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