Tough Luck if you missed Tuff Luck

Review: Tuff Luck
Location: Sharkey’s Bar and Grill

We have had multiple opportunities to see Tuff Luck perform, last nights show was of course as amazing as any other. Each member offers such wonderful talent to the entire group. Tuff Luck kicked the night off with Road House Blues, I didn’t see that coming and I wasn’t disappointed either. Front man and sax player Joe Nesci draws in the audience with his passion for the music, giving every song a Jazz and Blues feel. Guitarist Mark Oriend plays to your soul and makes the audience feel every chord nailing leads on Robert Cray and The Allman Brothers’ songs. Bass player Tommy Park hits the strings and just makes them sing and not just the strings as we heard him sing “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix. Drummer Bill York rocks the drums the heart of the band holding the rhythm in check and giving everybody a reason to get up and dance. Jimmy Sorendo on trumpet and Nancy LaFond on trombone are an amazing duo with such talent, they brought crowd involvement by playing and walking through the crowd. You could see that people are not used to this type of show with band members walking the crowd and were impressed and intrigued, the audience was having a great time with them.

As an extra added bonus to last nights show we were treated to special guest, Kirsten Park, sing Redneck Woman, Walking on Sunshine and several others . Kirsten is daughter to bass player Tommy Park, and you can see the musical talent was passed down in that family. Kirsten has a great voice and loved by the crowd.

To hear this whole band play Chicago is Great but them playing three in a row, that’s the best. It is very clear how much love the entire group has for music and they ensure with every song that the crowd is enjoying themselves to the fullest. Tuff Luck plays a great mix of music from Chicago, Allman Brothers, Robert Cray, Roy Orbison and even Jimmy Hendrix.

Tuff Luck is a must see local band that offers a night of great entertainment. Check out SyracusesAlive for all future show dates and times.

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