Tribute to Elton John at The Ridge

Tuesday’s tribute to Elton John at The Ridge was hands-down the most well done, and entertaining tribute at the Ridge by far

Last Tuesday’s tribute to Elton John at The Ridge was hands-down the most well done, and entertaining tribute at the Ridge by far. That is saying a lot, there have been dozens of tribute nights put on by the wonderful musicians at The Ridge these past few years.

A rotating cast of characters, back up singers, lead singers, and strong keyboardists made the night very memorable. They entertained the crowd for well over four hours. Mother Nature was kind enough to give us a dry and pleasant evening since the original date of this tribute was rained out!

Opening up the night, Ed Gorham sang us “Captain Fantastic and the Red Dirt Cowboy.”

An especially light-hearted duet between Tim Burns and Joanna Jewett doing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” had us all singing along.

“Love Lies Bleeding” featured Mark Macri on vocals, support from many. This emotional song really highlighted Macri’s keen ear for Elton’s delivery. Close your eyes, and you would truly believe you were listening to Elton himself!

B. Kelly Wilcox took on several songs, surprising the crowd with his vocal range. “The Border Song” was particularly emotional.

“The Bitch Is Back” packed the dance floor! Untethered by his usual plays at the keyboards, lead singer Mark Chatwin strut his stuff.

“Benny And The Jets” let Jamie Notarthomas entertain us with a full-on Elton John regalia. We danced, we laughed, we all sang along!

As the sun gently set, the table-top lanterns, outdoor lights strung across the field and small fire pits warmed the nighttime air. The rocky amphitheater nearly glowed! This is one of the prettiest outdoor venues.

So many great local musicians performed and I hope I didn’t miss any body. They all deserve recognition for their high quality performance, without the whole group the show could not have happened.

Here is just a few:

B. Kelly Wilcox
Mike Gridley
John Danks
Mark Chatwin
Kris Heels
Lenny Milano
Sydney Pinto
Lorne Coon
Lenny Milano
Ben Shearer
Mark Ballard
Ed Gorhan
Phil Smith
Dave Porter
Byron Cage

The Ridge will has two more special events before the end of this season.

On Friday Aug. 30, The Gold Dust Gypsies will feature music by Fleetwood Mac from 8 to 11 pm.

Finally, a tribute to Genesis will be held on Tuesday September 17, from 6 to 10 pm.

More information can be found at:


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Photos by: Misse Thomas, Azure Eyes Photography

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