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Here are some trivia nights courtesy of Classy Cat Entertainment…


6:00 PM – Middle Ages Brewing Company with Sassy Taco Food Truck
6:30 PM – Shade Bar & Grill Utica
7:00 PM – B&D’s Last Call
8:00pm – “Geeks Who Drink” Trivia at The Hop Spot

7:00 PM – IBU Brewery
7:00 PM – Applebee’s Grill + Bar in Camillus
7:00 PM – Irish Jack’s Beer Shack LLC

7:00 PM – Owera Vineyards
7:00 PM – Blue Spruce Lounge

Other Listings By Day Of The Week.




  • Potter’s Pub Wednesday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • Stinger’s Pizza Pub Wednesday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • The Distillery Wednesday Trivia starts at 8pm*
  • Tiki Bar at the Winds of Cold Springs Harbor Marina Wednesday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • Saltine Warrior Pub Wednesday Trivia starts at 8pm*
  • The Brasserie Wednesday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • The Eis House Wednesday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • Salt City Grill Wednesday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • Jake Hafner’s Wednesday Night 7:30pm.


  • Beer Belly Deli Thursday Trivia starts at 8pm*
  • Maxwells Thursday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • RFH’s Hideaway Thursday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • Uriah’s Thursday Trivia starts at 7:30pm*
  • Lamont Tavern Thursday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • Old Erie Thursday Trivia starts at 7pm*
  • Trapper’s II Thursday Trivia starts at 7pm*

*Supplied by Syracuse Trivia