Trolls, goblins, and dragons, oh my!

The cast takes a bow among audience applause for their enchanting performance.

CNY Arts Center Presents The Hobbit

These are just a few of the creatures brought to life during CNY Arts Center opening night of The Hobbit directed by Chad Lewis and produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, IL.

For the first time on a CNY stage, the Fulton based multi-arts center brought an audience right to Middle Earth to get enchanted in a dramatic production by Patricia Gray based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien.

A generous sized audience filled the CNY Arts Center for opening night of The Hobbit.

As mentioned in the director’s note, the undertaking of competing with a well-known novel and movie series is no small feat, especially when considering difficult scene changes involving dark and detailed set displays.

However, a seemingly professional lighting system, a charismatic cast, and an interactive approach tackled the challenge head on.

Quick and detailed set transitions took the audience from a cozy hobbit home, to weeks of traveling through the forest, winding up in dark and stinky caves, to the bottom of The Lonely Mountain, and even, finally, to a dragon’s lair.

This 130-minute rendition of The Hobbit followed the story of Bilbo Baggins, a careful hobbit who made a habit of avoiding adventure until he was deceived into tackling not only an adventure but a dangerous one at that, joining a group of six dwarves to slay a dragon and recover the treasure of their people.

Bilbo Baggins, played exceptionally well by Ben Norton, led the audience through the amusing yet treacherous journey as unexpected collaborations made success a possibility and several characters illustrated how stepping out of your comfort zone can be rewarding in many ways.

Ben Norton, together with Madeline Kroner as Thorin Oakshield, leader of the dwarves, and the five remaining dwarves played by Megan Acker, Brienna Pauldine, Gabriella Greenleaf, Abigail Tsutsumishita, and Hannah Matlock kept the audience engaged with their convincing performances and harmony on stage.

The cast takes a bow among audience applause for their enchanting performance.

Throughout the journey, dwarves, goblins, trolls, elves, and dragons spilled off the stage and into the aisles as the audience got a 360 degree experience of life in Middle Earth.

A brilliantly choreographed fight scene added drama while one-liners, hungry trolls, and especially a well placed silly goblin got great comedic response as the room exploded in laughter from the cast’s youngest member, four-year-old Lily Lewis.

Elaborate costume, hair, and makeup made each character realistic while detailed scenic changes and props put us right in Middle Earth.

Despite cast members coming from all corners of Oswego County and the greater CNY area, the on stage charisma and obvious camaraderie among the cast truly bring the production to life.

CNY Arts Center will host The Hobbit for three more performances at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday November 11, Thursday November 16, and Saturday November 18. Two 3:00 p.m. performances will hit the stage on Sunday November 12 and Sunday November 19 at 11 River Glen Drive in Fulton.

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