Under The Gun, 80 degree Weather and Bikini Bike Night?

Woody's Pub and Grub in Mattydale starts their Bikini Bike nights with Under The Gun

18 years of a well accomplished band from the heart of Syracuse. Some personnel changes but the brand and style hasn’t changed. Bassist, Mark Reagan, has the energy of a jet fighter, I am always surprised that his hair doesn’t choke him or get tangled in the strings of his six-string bass but he has mastered the hair flying as much as he has the bass. Guitarist, Dave King, is a solid axe player as anybody in Central New York, We have seen him in several bands and Dave is never a disappointment. John Celi’s keyboard brings back the 80s just right. He is a fantastic lead and backup vocalist as he is keyboard and guitarist. Drummer, Rick Caparco, that’s not a selfie picture, he plays left handed and does as good as anybody. Lee Anderson pulls it all together as he has for 20 plus years he is the front man of one of Syracuse’s longest running bands. We all know them as Under The Gun.
Lee is like an NFL Quarterback calling audibles to satisfy the crowds need for just the right song. “We never really have a set list” says Drummer Rick Caparco. Being in the crowd, all you see is a well-seasoned group of musicians entertaining the crowd the same way they did almost 20 years ago when I first saw them.

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