Warriors for Freedom

It was a beautiful Thursday night at Sharkey’s bike night and we were enjoying the music of the Barndogs, and at the end of their first set we headed back stage to take some photos with the band for Syracuse Alive. While we were taking photos one of the band members introduced us to a very nice man named Paul.

Paul and Fred

My husband Fred and founder of Syracuse Alive and myself began a conversation with Paul in which we learned he was a Vietnam Veteran who joined the US Army in 1969. Paul was more than happy to share some of his military history with us and we’re so happy he did. So many of our veterans are forgotten about and you can see the pain this causes and you can see the toll that this has taken on Paul physically and mentally but he appears to be all the stronger for it.
Paul spoke highly of riding his motorcycle for many different veteran events and how enjoyable it is for him. He shared with us that he does some air brushing and really enjoys this and he had done his gas tank himself on his bike.

It is very clear that Paul has much pride in what he has done in his life and in his time that he served for our country. I see all of our veterans as Warriors of Freedom and Warriors in their day to day lives that they can find to be a battle. They all deserve our devotion and respect for being the hero’s who chose to go into battle.

It was an absolute honor and pleasure for us to get to speak to Paul and listen to his stories and the things he finds enjoyable from bike events, air brushing and listening to live music and hope to see him again at other events.

To Paul and all who have served, We Thank You!

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