What about Bob?

Momma always told me not to judge a band by it’s name. She was right. I didn’t understand the name or the question. As they state in their Bio, they are a band made up of members from other bands. A super group as they say. Super is a perfect description of the evening at FX Caprara Bike Night at Sharkey’s Bar and Grill.
As many great bands do, they start out with an “in your face” song. W.A.B. (short for “What About Bob” did just that with Van Halen and followed by The Who. Rolling into many favorites they played a nice stretch from Toto “Rosanna” to Train’s “Drops of Jupiter”. Best of all we kind of had a drum solo with Rosanna. Drummer Jimmy Spags really does it with Genesis songs too. Lead singer Scott Macomber was great with U2, Van Halen and Three Doors Down. Then came Van Halen’s Jump, quietly hiding right stage, keyboardist Stone James, started “Jump” and we know they aren’t kidding around. Guitarist Dave Lambrych did not let us down, burning up the solo in Van Halen “Jump” and more all night. Would I leave the bass out, never, Donnie Farrington was fantastic, too often we miss what bassists do but anybody willing to play “Eminence Front” by the Who, like John Entwistle did is number one in my book of rock. Let’s not forget Scott Macomber lead vocals and front man extraordinaire. Scott kept the audience engaged all night. He had enough energy on stage to power Sharkey’s for a week, but National Grid won’t allow it. They brought me way back to the 80’s when they played Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” and “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol.
Over all W.A.B has a great set list and keeps you in suspense to what’s next. I do have one question or maybe a request to W.A.B. More Who? Your name is a question It only makes sense that you play the question band “The Who”. Ok two questions. Who is Bob and What about Him?

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