Words Unsaid, Townhouse Warrior

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the members of Townhouse Warrior.
Start summer April 2014 the core of the group Kyle Malfa (Drums) and Zak Fitzgerald (Lead Vocals and Guitar) met each other while working at Nichols Grocery store in Liverpool. Kyle really liked the songs Zak was writing and they started to work together. Later that summer they met Josh (Bassist).

After several attempts to convince Josh, being from metal background, he accepted.
2015 “Seriously I don’t mind” came out. While touring, TW started working on the next CD “For Every Wasted Day”. Shortly after the CD release, Townhouse Warrior was parting ways with their guitarist and they were thinking of being a 3-piece band. Tim(Guitarist) had many commitments and did not join right away. After doing the sound for the CD release event for “Every Wasted Day” he got to know the band better, then joined summer of 2016.

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The Original band name was Graffiti Crew, but they weren’t feeling the name. They put together lists of band names and one that stuck out was ‘Saltine Warrior’ the name of an SU mascot with bad connotations and they felt they shouldn’t use it, so they came up with Townhouse Warrior, a suburban warrior fighting through life, not too aggressive but powerful, not warriors just warrior, they are collectively one.
They all have a wide range of influences. Zak Late 90’s and early 2000 pop rock, Kyle is heavily influenced by Travis Barker and John Bonham, Josh is heavily influenced by metal and Tim is a 90’s kid, with influences from Sound Garden and Stone Temple Pilots , He feels Townhouse Warrior is a mix of Motion City Sound Track and Blink 182 because Kyle and Zak are the foundation of Townhouse Warrior. After the base and key of the songs are set Josh branches in with some meatier bass licks. Many times, Zak pushes Josh to do more than he thinks he can, In the end Josh gets it done. Tim adds a lot of ability to recording and sound quality. He works for a strong raw live sound on the recordings.
I saw Townhouse Warrior at The Next To Rock Competition. I saw them take three songs and play their hearts out. “Words UnSaid” is a powerful set of songs, listening to it I immediately could hear the influences of all the band members. I was drawn in and found myself tapping the steering wheel to Kyle’s drum beats, barely able to keep up, he is a fantastic percussionist. Zak has a great ability to put music together and create pieces of music you will want to listen to all the time. I wouldn’t pick one song as a favorite. The CD is great. I feel Tim succeeded in his goal to capture the raw power and talent of Townhouse Warrior.

The CD Release Show will be at Sharkey’s in Liverpool on May 5th, 2018.

The full CD will be available March 20th, 2018.

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