Funk ‘n Waffles Downtown 4th Birthday

Funk 'n Waffles celebrated with a power packed week of shows

Strange to Look At

The Clinton Street location opened four years ago. “It’s a great venue to bring people together. It seems to create a very communal atmosphere just by walking through the door,” Andrea Canale, drummer for Late Earth said. 

“It was a great idea, it still is, and will be better.”

Charley Orlando, Talent Buyer 

I reminisced with owner, Adam Gold, about the twelve years Funk ‘n Waffles has been around. He said they took a shot on the building at the downtown location and the community has really embraced them. After the University location closed they moved to a spot in Rochester. Although that only lasted a year and a half a major highlight was having George Clinton and P Funk perform there before his upcoming retirement. Now, all the energy and focus is on tightening up downtown. The staff will participate in Vera House’s “Raise the Bar” training to increase sexual harassment awareness. Adam wants to “make Syracuse the most glorious it can be.” 

Other highlights discussed included hosting Moon Child and Internet. Bela Fleck’s banjo teacher Tony Trischka, who Adam listened to since he was little, also played.

Recently he enjoyed Mihali turning “Clinton Street into Shakedown Street” Saturday night.  Chris Merkley opened for Mihali, of Twiddle, and played to a sold out room mainly consisting of presales. Be sure to get your tickets to upcoming shows!

Adam is a member of Sophistafunk. The band will perform again on New Year’s Eve at Funk ‘n Waffles. Sophistafunk might even “take waffles on the road” during their festival runs someday to keep expanding.  Check out  Sophistafunk Radio on Spotify and follow the links below to keep up with the band and the venue. 

Ian Brutal has successfully hosted hip hop nights and is planning a monthly Thursday Night Hip Hop Showcase starting up in February. There’s something for everyone from Sunday Jazz Jams to songwriters, jam bands, bluegrass, alternative, funk, hosting touring bands, etc. We are lucky to have a venue that supports diversity yet reflects such a strong community feel.

Welcome Home Sam!

Sam Levey returns downtown from the Rochester location. 
Sam Levey is back in Syracuse to “do what he does best,” Adam said. 
He’s “super happy to be back,” as are his customers and coworkers. 

“It’s always been my great joy to see bands start up and grow and flourish. It’s been a pleasure to see local bands start here and now sell out rooms. It’s great and it’s why I came here. We have cemented ourselves as a vital piece of the music scene in Syracuse,” he told me.


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