Meeting the Voice of CNY Music

Fred and Dave

Many years ago, when I was but 13 or 14 years old, I would sit and listen to the radio while eating my Wheaties Friday mornings before school just to hear where my older brothers’ band and where they were playing. I knew if they were playing at an old Club called Country Tavern there was a good chance I could go and see my brothers play.

You might wonder why I tell this sorted tale of child corruption. I tell this story because the DJ on the air every Friday morning was Dave Frisina. Not to hold him responsible. I was young and maybe my memory isn’t 100% correct but that’s how I remember it. Dave would list off all the local bands playing in the area. It seemed like it wasn’t a short list either.

I was lucky enough to meet Dave Frisina at Bike Night during the Hard Promises performance at Sharkey’s. I have always found Dave on the radio dial and listen when I can. I never forgot hearing the listings of bands and always wanted to bring back the exposure to local musicians and performers. Dave was my inspiration years ago and I didn’t even know it. Talking to Dave, you can hear his passion for the Central New York music scene. His presence on the radio can never be equaled in my opinion. Dave has never given up on the local musicians with his programs Sound Check and Soulshine heard on The Rebel Radio 105.9FM. was inspired by Dave in many ways. We needed a place to find out who is playing and where, as well as what the bands play. Not just for the bands but for the fan’s too.

Maybe I sound like a groupie about meeting and having Dave take time to talk to me. It was a big deal for me. So to Dave I say “Thank You! One thing less on the bucket list.  Meet Dave Frisina…. Check.”


  1. Fred, thank you for recognizing Dave’s contribution to the CNY Music scene. Where would CNY musicians be without him?

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