Mike Powell at the Nelson Odeon

Two Night Live Recording for Upcoming Album

Mike Powell and his band The Black River are recording a live album this weekend. It is Mike’s first live recording and his first two night show. I watched him craft last night’s set list in the green room balancing solo, duo, and band numbers.  Full band includes John Hanus on guitar, Joe Bell on bass and Dom Scicchitano on drums. Mike played many of his intense original songs as a duo with John Hanus. “John is my best friend. It’s nice to have my best friend up here,” Mike later told the audience. Mike’s voice was crystal clear and captivating. In between, he told stories of how the songs were inspired including family tales about hunting and picture frames, the back story on their hats, Bob Dylan’s influence on him and many others. You can catch part 2 today at 3PM. It’s a beautiful day to drive through the fall foliage. I promise you will feel right at home at the Odeon.

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The Nelson Odeon, outside of Cazenovia,  is about a five song car ride away for me. I always get a sense of calm going there anticipating an amazing experience and the best of vibes. Jeff and Linda Schoenfeld have my dream life running the old grange hall and hosting an array of diverse musicians. “We are lucky to be in the presence of true artists,” Jeff said. Each year they have a few local acts. This is Mike Powell’s second show there. It is no wonder he chose this place to live record. The natural acoustics create a perfect listening room and it happens to be right in his backyard. Jeff said he has lost count but they have had almost 200 shows now and the upcoming winter and spring shows are all booked. Linda bakes special desserts from scratch named for events ‘on this day’ in history. You can help yourself to coffee or tea and settle in to enjoy the room.

Jack Bocchino, beloved local photographer, friend and music lover , fell hard for the Odeon on his first visit years ago. He says he has attended and shot 150 shows there. Jack sponsors a local show each fall.  “They really care about the acts they put on stage.” he said.  “Jack has been supporting me and my music since my open mic days at Opus and he has continued to fuel my creative fire. But what I value most is our friendship. He is a great man and I’m thankful for him sponsoring me.” Mike told me. Jack had a couple framed photos available as raffle prizes and prints for sale. Jack and the venue’s relationship is a fortunate pairing. He gets to witness the magic and documents it for history.

I’m looking forward to buying this live album and maybe even listening to it on my way to the Odeon someday.

You can find their other albums online or buy 3 for just $20 at a show.

Follow Mike Powell & The Black River on Facebook, Instagram and at http://www.mikepowell.co/

Nelson Odeon’s  schedule http://nelsonodeon.con


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