Murder at The Prom, Comedy in the First

Tuesday May 9th, We had the pleasure of joining a small group of people who got to attend their 1980’s prom for the first time for some and a second time for others, you may be thinking we’ll it’s 2017 so did I miss something, the only thing you missed was a unique and entertaining evening with tdj (the●a●tre Du Jour) at The Barnes Hiscock Mansion on James Street in Syracuse.
Our evening began with a cocktail and music hour within the bar of the mansion, following cocktails we adjourned to the dining area where we enjoyed delicious deviled eggs and shepherd’s pie with other guests. After dinner, we all moved upstairs to see the performance of “Murder at the Prom” by Peter DePietro. This wasn’t a normal performance, we had the option of being participants or just spectator. We participated, which made the evening all the better. The actors put on a comedic and interactive show with many members of the audience making it even better. Our suggestion is check out the show for yourself. Click Here:

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