Only 6 More REDLINE Shows? -Updated

Is this the last year of RedLine?

Once again redline doesn’t disappoint the crowd. Very quickly the audience moved forward to get best view and pictures of a local favorite
Joe “idol”mc Sweeney yells out Billy Idol’s White Wedding with the same power as Billy himself. Guitarist, keyboardist and singer Tony Campione is amazing to watch as he simultaneously performs all three at once. He pull off Frampton’s Do You Feel Like I Do almost perfectly. Bassist and Singer Mike Marzullo is solid on stage making sure the show doesn’t ride off the rails. Does Earl ever stop smiling? No. I can’t say I have seen a better showman then drummer Earl “The Pearl” Hamilton. His motorcycle, guzzling his fans drinks and drum solo’s say it all.

Is this the last year of RedLine?
Hamilton answered “ Yes There only 6 shows left for Redline unless the crowd calls them out for a reunion tour”

Best part of what I do is being a fan. RedLine is one of The Best entertainment bands in the CNY and will be missed.

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  1. Absolutely love this write-up.. there is so much talent on there stage. A lot of folks don’t get it. But it’s mind-numbing. We will all miss these lads

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