Redline, Maximum Overdrive

Sharkey’s Bike Night was rocking July 6th. If you were there and didn’t notice, the only redline you have is on your EKG.

The heartbeat of their music is driven by an extremely charismatic drummer, Earl “The Pearl” Hamilton. Two sticks in the air and drum beat to raise the dead. No one should miss Earl, and catching his drum solos on and off stage will keep you watching all night and not wanting to miss a thing. Bass player and lead vocals Mike Marzullo, a well-versed bassist keeps the group moving forward though the evening. Never standing still and belting out the lyrics of our favorite bands like Bad Company.

Guitarist Joe McSweeney really knows his way around the guitar and entertaining the crowd. He sings Bon Jovi, The Cars and Billy Idol’s White Wedding. You can definitely see his interest in great guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton come apparent on stage.  Joe has an extreme ability to entertain the crowd and never leaves us hanging.

Don’t underestimate Tony Campione, keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist, Tony is the triple threat of the night. Every part he plays insures the icing on the cake. Tony sings “Your All I’ve Got Tonight” by The Cars like it was 1978.

If these guys where an eight-cylinder engine, they lived up to their name. Hard, Loud fast and REDLINE!

Happy belated birthday to Earl! I love my job.

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