Scars N Stripes Pure Energy

Sharkey’s, Bike Night, Syracuse Flooring America Summer Stage and Scars N Stripes makes for a perfect evening for Rock n Roll.

Jimmy “Speaker Climbing” Falco never misses a lick on stage or on speaker. Todd “Country Swagg” Stiles, shreds his Axe like no other. I have seen Todd on many occasions and he always brings a new level of performance. Joel Exline is probably one of the most entertaining bass players I have ever seen, never standing in the shadows but upfront and in your face. All held together by a strong beat from drummer Mike Waite, we knew he was there when he started VanHalen’s Teacher. All this talent is lead by amazing vocals of front man Bill Ali, an energetic personality that leaves it all on the stage.

Scars N Stripes, always performing and leaving the audience wanting more as well as being extremely personable and you can see the audience means the world to them. I caught up with them between sets and they gladly took the time to talk with me, Thanks guys.

Scars N Stripes always gives the audience a national level performance reminiscent of the Arena Band era. One of CNY’s Powerhouse bands will make your at a show the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Billy Idol, Motley Crew and Guns N’ Roses.

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